Modern music culture

Episode 584

Since short after the start, several of the cool tracks on syndae come from netlabels. They have been around for quite some while now, providing a platform for independent artist to publish and distribute their music. Most times, these netlabel offerings are free or name your price albums, so you can usually give what you think the music is worth. And it definitely is worth something. The quality of many of those releases are really good and the music spans various genres, so it never gets boring. On the 14th of July they celebrate Netlabel Day. Quite a bunch of publications from Netlabels on this day. And tonight, we feature a fitting collection of them. Enjoy an hour of diverse tunes by Mad Steppers & Dubsezion (Dub Free Vol. 8), Olympic (For the Sea), Terranigma & dvidevat (Access Frame: Monstrosity), Sonny Monk (Time is Art), tinarao & Better than matter & 5.45 (Netlabel Day 2021), Mr. Hoosteen ft. Beca Jon & STEB (To All Our Friends & Family), Tomoroh Hidari (The Reinterpretation of Dreams).



Mad Steppers - Dance of the Apus (Dub Free Vol. 8)
Dubsezion - Sparkles (Dub Free Vol. 8)
Olympic - For the Sea (For the Sea)
Terranigma - Eternal Gurner (Access Frame: Monstrosity)
dvidevat - Xon (Access Frame: Monstrosity)
Sonny Monk - 4.45 (Time is Art)
tinarao - 775 (Netlabel Day 2021)
Better than matter - Slowpoke juice (Netlabel Day 2021)
5.45 - Its not me (Netlabel Day 2021)
Mr. Hoosteen ft. Beca Jon - I Want 2 Be Your Tomorrow (STEB's 'Samba Time' Mix) (To All Our Friends & Family)
STEB - Better To Feel ('Deep Feel' Mix) (To All Our Friends & Family)
Tomoroh Hidari - Owl-Stretching Time (Captive Portal Remix) (The Reinterpretation of Dreams)


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