Straight into weekend mode

Episode 583

It's been a not too busy week, with so many people being on vacation these days. But it is always a good choice to have some rather peaceful music at hand. Either if one stayed at home, had a workful week, or being far away and relishing the scenery. Ok, it's not the most serene edition you heard on syndae, as I could not resist to throw in some beats. But that's the fun of it, isn't it? Having 60 minutes of drifting and lifting music with turns and twists in between. But listen for yourself and join me with great tracks by Ambiente Solstice (Abandoned Peace), Seifert & Steinbüchel (Missions), Klangzaun, Jon Durant & Stephan Thelen (Crossings), Ivan Black (Optophone), Gonzini Gonz (The Cousin Silas Emporium Members Project Volume 16), Joerg Dankert (Restore Faith), Mark Seelig (The Disciple’s Meditation).



Ambiente Solstice - Feedback Loop (Abandoned Peace)
Seifert & Steinbüchel - Challenger (Missions)
Klangzaun - Makrokosmos (./.)
Jon Durant & Stephan Thelen - Fractal 5.7 (Crossings)
Ivan Black - Heavy Relief (Optophone)
Gonzini Gonz - Passing Time (The Cousin Silas Emporium Members Project Volume 16)
Joerg Dankert - Slowly out of darkness (Restore Faith)
Mark Seelig - Prana Meditation (The Disciple’s Meditation)


(own collection)

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