The future in sounds

Episode 577

The past days were so hot, there is no way I can play beat driven music tonight. Ambient it is. And there is a good reason to have it on the show anyway, which kind of has two parts tonight. The first half will have some cool recent and brand new albums whereof I have tracks for you. These are by Curious Inversions (LP24 Incorporated), Shinpal (Blue Stories), Ross Christopher (Apophenia), Bart Hawkins (Vision Of Eden), and Forest Robots (Amongst A Landscape Of Spiritual Reckoning). The second half is dedicated to the brand new compilation by Legacy of Thought that got released right today. It's all about the far future and events predicted to happen on earth. Well, amongst others, it features a track by myself, which is reason enough. I'm not playing that one, though, but five selected tracks of the 13 ones on the album. These are the contributions by Andawan, The Broken Cradle, Ambient Indigo, K37, and Time Away.



Curious Inversions - In Passing (LP24 Incorporated / Compilation)
Shinpal - Perseus (Blue Stories)
Ross Christopher - Apophenia (Apophenia)
Bart Hawkins - Orbital Eccentricity (Vision Of Eden)
Forest Robots - We Only Die Once, But Can Be Grateful Every New Day (Amongst A Landscape Of Spiritual Reckoning)
Andawan - Axial Tilt Reversal (Future of the Earth)
The Broken Cradle - Without A Trace (Future of the Earth)
Ambient Indigo - Liquid Antarctica (Future of the Earth)
K37 - Unpredictable Orbit (Future of the Earth)
Time Away - Ice Age (Future of the Earth)


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