Written in the sound

Episode 576

Did I tell you that I am following a bunch of channels on Youtube? Ah, yes, I did. Well, there is that one music channel with an "old dude", actually quite a successful producer and musician himself, who occasionally also has some stories on younger musical history. Something that caught my ears was him saying that while back in the 70s and 80s artists and bands tend to compose their music themselves. So it was about one, two or three people involved in creating a new song. And those songs were rather complex as well, with unusual chord progressions and therefore more complex melodies. Nowadays, though, songs are rather simple, most having a typical chord progressions like I-V-vi-IV. The crazy thing is, that many of those songs are written by more than a handful of people, and one often sees 9 to 11 songwriters named for just one simple song. Strange worlds. And I can tell you, not at all with music in ambient and electronic you will get on syndae. For sure the advantage of mostly independent artists. So join me for really cool music by Erik Wøllo (North Star), Majestica (Spire), Johan Agebjörn & Mikael Ögren (Artefact), Divine Matrix (Heart Of The Shaman), Holeg Spies (Supramyth), Shunia (Shunia), 2002 (Hummingbird), Iyari (Ayni), Lord Of The Ants (We Too Are Gods), David Helpling & Jon Jenkins (The Crossing).



Erik Wøllo - Viewpoint (North Star)
Majestica - The Single Step (Spire)
Majestica - Falling Dream (Spire)
Johan Agebjörn & Mikael Ögren - Monitoring the Zooids (Artefact)
Divine Matrix - Into The Deadlands (Heart Of The Shaman)
Holeg Spies - Supramyth (Gus Till Sea of Dust remix) (Supramyth)
Shunia - Ong Namo (Shunia)
2002 - Rainbow Cove (Hummingbird)
Iyari - Senya (Ayni)
Lord Of The Ants - Sundog (We Too Are Gods)
David Helpling & Jon Jenkins - The Crossing (The Crossing)



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