Let sound carry you on

Episode 523

Trees are fascinating creatures, none like the other but still the same. A tree takes several years to grow and its blossoms come and go. Some even exist for hundreds, some rare ones several thousand of years. Imagine being a tree that old having seen the world around you change quite a lot. Well, a tree does not see much of the world though, as it does not move. But it would be fascinating anyway. Why am I talking about trees? No particular reason, actually. Ambient music, however, does share some features with trees. For once, an ambient track usually grows over time, it simply takes a while until it unfolds and shows its beauty. Unlike popular music which quickly shows its hooks and lines repeatedly, as if to get over with it. So, this edition does not provide quick and busy stuff but evolutionary aural journeys in form of tracks by Blue is Nine (A Pool Appears), Mark Seelig (The Disciple's Path), Anantakara (Serenity Despite the Storm), Michael Brückner (Servant of the Secret Fire).



Blue is Nine - Drawing Me Near (A Pool Appears)
Mark Seelig - Raga Ayahuasca (The Disciple's Path)
Anantakara - The Wise and the Reflecting Lake (Serenity Despite the Storm)
Michael Brückner - Servant of the Secret Fire (excerpt) (Servant of the Secret Fire)



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