Episode 473

Published: Friday, 29 March 2019
Picture the world from above

So they recently presented a really big drone that is meant to become a flying taxi. Four giant rotors and a wagon below. Drones seem to be quite popular these days, hovering in the air with a camera attached to record videos or take photos. Or for current thriller movies as surveillance and weapon systems. Well, back to the taxi thingy, the drawback of this drone was that it couldn't actually fly. And the presenters said that it didn't matter. Well, I wonder what else matters for a drone if it is not flying? But maybe the music of tonight's edition will make you fly or at least lift off. It comes with fabuloues tracks by Baaden & Cremer (Aufbruch), Schiller (Morgenstund), Ebia (Transmission), Colin Rayment (FRB), and Computerchemist (Volcan Dreams).


Baaden & Cremer - Moonglow (excerpt) (Aufbruch)
Schiller ft. Tangerine Dream - Morgenstern (excerpt) (Morgenstund)
Ebia - Aliens Message (excerpt) (Transmission)
Colin Rayment - Drifting (excerpt) (FRB)
Computerchemist - Volcan Sea (excerpt) (Volcan Dreams)


April 6, E-Day, Oirschot (NL)



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