Episode 472

Published: Friday, 22 March 2019
Place for your self

There are quite some interesting topics in European politics, be it whether or how or not Great Britain leaves the EU, about young people going on the streets for better climate treatment, and about changes in copyright regulations. All quite heavy topics and sometimes it feels overwhelming to try to follow all the pro and contra and propaganda that tries to worsen the situation for common poeple. If you need a short rest to center yourself, tonight's tracks might help. It's a nice and chilly playlist with Time Away (Modern Wonders / Compilation), Stefan Erbe (Reflect+), Schiller (Morgenstund), Zoungla (There Will Be Dub), Biodiode (Cosmic Voyager Vol. 1), Advanced Suite (Cosmic Duality / Compilation).


Time Away - Chichen Itza (Modern Wonders / Compilation)
Stefan Erbe - The Child of Aleppo (Reflect+)
Schiller - Baum des Lebens (Morgenstund)
Zoungla - Tune Out the World (There Will Be Dub)
Biodiode - Stringray in the Sky (Cosmic Voyager Vol. 1)
Advanced Suite - Blender Fm 89 (Master Abstract Studios) (Cosmic Duality / Compilation)



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