Episode 447

Published: Friday, 24 August 2018
Written in tone

Another week has past and preparations for the syndae CD premiere are progressing. This week, the real thing arrived at my doorstep, two big packs of freshly printed CDs! So they will be readied for shipping soon, several things still to be finished up. Actually, only two weeks to the Spaceworks event in Hagen, where you can come by and grab The Sound of Syndae. All this action deserves some rest. Which I also realized in creating this edition of the podcast. It's more to the ambient side of electronica, maybe with fractions of soundtrack feeling, too. Have a soothing listen with tracks by David Wright (Stranger Days), Eko Fisk (Hypnagogia), Markus Reuter (Live in Pomona 2016), Wolfproject, moonbooter (EVIL 18DE), That Horologe Machinery Divine (The Sound of Syndae).


David Wright - Beyond Glass Mountains (Stranger Days)
Eko Fisk - Winter Kills (Hypnagogia)
Markus Reuter - Part 1 (excerpt) (Live in Pomona 2016)
Wolfproject - The Light Belongs to You (./.)
moonbooter - Outside Space (deconstructed mix) (EVIL 18DE)
That Horologe Machinery Divine - Of things Impossible? (could Sleep do more?) (The Sound of Syndae)

Image: https://www.pexels.com/de/foto/balance-draussen-einfachheit-entspannung-668353/ 

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