Episode 433

Published: Friday, 04 May 2018
Adventures in sound

So it is done. The first phase of creating the syndae CD is finished, all submissions registered and send out to the jury. Thanks so much to all who participated in the call! Well, now the artists' works are done, the jury and I are up next. Preparations are on-going. And while an exciting part of the process is done, and the next one is up, I need some music to ease my heart and soul and mind. There's plenty of new stuff on my playlist, but also some events that are afoot. Have a joyful evening with tracks by Erik Wøllo (Threshold Point), Kuba (Animalia), John Kerr & Ron Boots (Juxtaposition Live), Captive Portal (What is?), Bob Holroyd (The Cage).


Erik Wøllo - Traverse (Threshold Point)
Kuba - Whatever it Takes (Animalia)
John Kerr & Ron Boots - Juxtaposition (Part 2) (Juxtaposition Live)
Captive Portal - What is? (What is?)
Bob Holroyd - Into the Light (The Cage)

Image: https://www.pexels.com/de/foto/berge-natur-himmel-sonnig-6629/ 

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