Episode 432

Published: Friday, 27 April 2018
High voltage

It's just one weekend and the deadline of the call for tracks for the syndae CD is about to close. I can say I am quite excited about putting together an album, and I already have fabulous tracks on my drive to be selected from. Thankfully, it's not me who has to decide which ones to take. I am sorry for any of the tracks not to make it. So, currently I am thinking about the packaging of the album and its design. And actually the name. Any suggestions on how such a compilation should be named? Difficult decision. Well, fortunately I have quite some fresh music to listen to, while running my neurons hot. Excellent releases, I might add, and you will get fresh music by ['ramp] (No Sleep 'til Wilmersdorf), EFSS (Tidal Shift), K.Markov (Excerpt Two), Otarion (Under Surface), Akikaze (Blue Sky Events).


['ramp] - Salomon's Road (No Sleep 'til Wilmersdorf)
EFSS - Movement (Tidal Shift)
K.Markov - Nothing (Excerpt Two)
Otarion - Under Surface (Under Surface)
Akikaze - Blue Sky Events (Blue Sky Events)

Image: https://pixabay.com/de/himmel-hoch-draht-leistung-strom-3097449/

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