Episode 199

Published: Friday, 07 December 2012

The end is near... if not of the world, but the end of 2012. And I am packing as many hopes as always into 2013 being a good follow up year. Well, it's all the dreams we have for the future, and that is what tonight's show will serve: lots and lots of dreams. Not to fall asleep, but to indulge phantasy. And you will with magnificent tracks by Andy Pickford, DreamerProject, Glenn Main, Hajo Liese, Heroines of the U.S.S.R., Insomus, Syndromeda, Weldroid, and Yog-Sothoth.

syndae - episode 199



- Uphill (Ultra)
Axess & Maxxess - Impact (Impact)

Episode 198

Published: Friday, 30 November 2012

We're diving into rather calm waters tonight, visiting some recent releases in the domains of ambience or closely related tracks. I always find it fascinating, what these guys make of very few and low volume sounds, always making imgages flash into my mind. Let the music create your own personal short movies, with excellent tracks by B. Ashra, Darwin Raymond, Ice Guild Kaiser, Inference, and Tangram.

syndae - episode 198

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Episode 197

Published: Friday, 23 November 2012

Covering some stylistic distance tonight, again a variety in music that is fun to be heard. This also is an opportunity to not only play new releases but also catch up with some great stuff that was waiting on my wait list for quite some time. May the juice be with you getting into tracks by AxBx, Biomass, Hecrom, Kebiin, Klangwald, Masterblaster, and PiXtar.

syndae - episode 197

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Episode 196

Published: Friday, 16 November 2012

Here comes a binder full of tracks, all from recent releases. Quite a mix of experienced and younger artists, amongs which an interesting sampler comes from the Dhaka Electronic Scene, the show has a mini focus on. Well, come and join me on tonight's show with Alchemy Project, Art of Infinity, CoEx, Faber, Fahad Zaman, Mythos, and The B-Regiment.

syndae - episode 196

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Episode 195

Published: Friday, 09 November 2012

Happy to have you return to syndae. While I had a wonderful vacation, quite a bunch of new albums piled up, ready to be brought to your ears. On tonight's show, I have the pleasure to introduce five of them, each of which is really magnificent in its own way. Best to pick your phones, lean back, and enjoy 30 minutes of the finest music by David Wright, Darshan Ambient, Schiller, Stefan Erbe, and W.O.S.P.

syndae - episode 195

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Episode 194

Published: Friday, 19 October 2012


Music for quieter nights on this episode, just what one needs to leave a busy week behind. Although ambient, the tracks of tonight's show will keep your mind in motion changing between lighter spacy music and darker soundscapes. On the playlist tonight are Alexander Chereshnev, Altus, Bruno Sanfilippo, Craig Padilla and Zero Ohms, Pete Farn, and Phobos.

syndae - episode 194

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Episode 193

Published: Friday, 12 October 2012

The voice is back, at least on the show. Thanks for the feedback, which was quite unanimous. So, more talking, less writing. Tonight's show is a mix of new and recent releases by well known and new artists. No special musical theme, but nevertheless it got a bit reflective in its mood. I hope you will enjoy fantastic tracks by Bernd Kistenmacher, Parallel Worlds & Dave Bessell, Paul Ellis, Remember Green, and Subterrestrial.

syndae - episode 193

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Episode 192

Published: Friday, 05 October 2012

Are you missing me moderating the show? Or are you rather enjoying the continuous mix, syndae currently presents? Please, let me know, add a comment to this post or send me an e-mail. I might set up a poll, if that helps decide on the future style of the show.

On tonight's episode, you will get a bunch of music from new releases. Experience your first encounter with Alien Voices in cooperation with Steve Schroyder who recently started distributing their album Qigong Dancing, which gives you a real extra terrestrial feeling with moving beats.

There are re-releases on the grill at SynGate by Syndromeda, like we present one of the track of 2006th Attack! If you need a Stressless Life, this you get by Klangwald.
The duo Northcore, consisting of australian Carl and british Jana, have just released their album Desatero, which is quite some artwork of electronic music. And we've got nice tracks of them. More great news, the brand new moonbooter CD Cosmophonica is out, having the real drive in it.

Finally, there is Glenn Main with tracks from Ripples. And this is to remind you of E-Live, which only is three weeks ahead, featuring not only Glenn Main, but Gert Emmens & Ruud Heij, as well as Bernd Kistenmacher. And some special appearances included, like Space Art. E-Live in Oirschot on October 27th.

Please, enjoy the show and don't forget to get back to me regarding voice over or not. Thanks. Good night. Take care.

syndae - episode 192

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Episode 191 (fixed)

Published: Friday, 28 September 2012

After the show is before the show, at least there are more nice shows coming up in October. And, as you know, I love teasing you. But before that, I would like to introduce you to a quartett, one fourth I got to know at the Electronic Circus last weekend. They are Erren, Fleißig, Schöttler and Steffen who took a week off in Ouddorp (NL) to simple record some music. And it got really well. Fine and modern Berlin School on Ouddorp Takes.

For the next event, well, there are a handful of tickets left. So, if you're quick, you get to hear very nice electronic music at the Radio Happy Event on October 6th. For example, by Rainbow Serpent and BatteryDead, where I have tracks from 8th Nerv and Sands of Deception, respectively.

The next major EM event, of course, is E-Live on October 27th in Oirschot. Two of their live acts on tonight's show: Gert Emmens and Ruud Heij, with a track from their album Blind Watchers of a Vanishing Night, and Bernd Kistenmacher, with one song from his Head-Visions. And, btw., Bernd will also be live on stage at November 24th, together with Din-A-Testbild.

Make sure you visit at least on of the coming events, as there is more to electronic music than what you get from your headphones. Enjoy your weekend!

(P.S.: Had to fix the upload, therefore you might have got this announcement before. You've my apologies.)

syndae - episode 191

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