Episode 457

Published: Friday, 23 November 2018
Revealing a new self

Is it the time of evolution? At least for some artists it seems to be. They slough their skin and appear in new garb, adding new and fascinating aspects and style elements to their music. Hence, you will hear cool and new music tonight, which might need some time to recognized the artist behind. And this is one of the reasons why I love this electronic music genre, it's so awesomely diverse, it never stands still in time, and still remains timeless when listening to tracks from earlier in history. You will geet all of this with the tracks by Stefan Erbe (Reflect), Progeny -1 (Ellipse), moonbooter (Groundcontrol), Pan Electric (Step Out), Rudolf Heimann (Trancefusion), Chris Gate (The Sound of Syndae).


Stefan Erbe - Fingerprints (Reflect)
Progeny -1 - The Plane of the Ecliptic (Ellipse)
moonbooter - The Victory of Mankind (Groundcontrol)
Pan Electric - Shadow Hunters (Fractal Kiss Remix) (Step Out)
Rudolf Heimann - Track and Field (Trancefusion)
Chris Gate - This is Syndae (The Sound of Syndae)


Dec 1: B-Wave Festival, Belgium



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