Prints in the sound

Episode 621

Do you also often wish for a crystal ball? Wouldn't it be great to be able to see the future? Or would this impose you trying to change the future? Which would render the vision by the crystal to not come true. So it it still the future? There are tons of books and movies about time travel and how it could work. Ok, different story though. And I am not sure where I am going with this at all. For tonight's edition, I chose to focus on serenity. Kind of. I just need some quietness in live for a moment, for a glimpse. Join me, will you? Really great tunes by Dave Luxton (Ghost of a Small Child), Karmacosmic (Inner Peace), Jeff Greinke (Noctilucent), Craig Padilla (Discovery of Meaning), Time Away (Journey to Bytopia), OneAmbient4 (Spring Volume 2), Rusty Crutcher (Oracle Of Delphi), Michael Stearns (Planetary Unfolding).



Dave Luxton - Ghost of a Small Child II (One Final Encounter - Jason Blake Remix) (Ghost of a Small Child)
Karmacosmic - Zen-Sen-Sinn (Inner Peace)
Jeff Greinke - Tunnel (Noctilucent)
Craig Padilla - Continuum, Part 2 (Discovery of Meaning)
Time Away - Journey to Bytopia (Journey to Bytopia)
OneAmbient4 - Tranced Space (Spring Volume 2)
Rusty Crutcher - Aegean Reflections (Oracle Of Delphi)
Michael Stearns - As the Earth Kissed the Moon (Planetary Unfolding)


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