Sound of the undead

Episode 620

What comes after death? There are some theories about it, and as far as I know, noone has yet proven any of them. Well, I hope there is some kind of heaven, where all the really good guys meet up and have some great time. Something I also wish for Klaus Schulze, who passed away this week. Sad news to all EM lovers, indeed. What I do not wish for anybody is to come back dead (or undead for that matter) and live a haunting un-life. The latter is proposed by many books and movies, the youngest being a virtual move called Dawn of the Undead released today, where I have the original soundtrack for you. Hope you will still enjoy the show with music by Klaus Schulze (Angst), Talking to Ghosts, Hellweed, Aestheia, Myth, Progeny -1, Time Away, Ambient Indigo, Wane of Summer, Promethex, K37 (Dawn of the Undead).



Klaus Schulze - Silent Survivor (Angst)
Talking to Ghosts - This Is How It Starts (Dawn of the Undead)
Hellweed - Running For Our Lives (Dawn of the Undead)
Aestheia - Leap of Faith (Dawn of the Undead)
Myth - We're Not Save Here (Dawn of the Undead)
Progeny -1 - A Kiss and a Bite (Dawn of the Undead)
Time Away - Reaching Out (Dawn of the Undead)
Ambient Indigo - Safe Haven (Dawn of the Undead)
Wane of Summer - No Matter What We Do (Dawn of the Undead)
Promethex - Is This Really It (Dawn of the Undead)
K37 - The Last Run (Dawn of the Undead)


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