Sipping the sun

Episode 616

Join me and take a break from the crazy world outside listening to some chill out tunes tonight, where I mixed mid to low paced music this time. We had some nice sunny days in the end of this March, but even the weather decided to go for April now. And while this edition appears on April 1st, there is no joke inside but all very cool music that was published recently or will be soon. I am really lucky to have music putting my thoughts to breeze from time to time. So do the tracks of tonight very well composed by Roberto Sass (Psyche), CIALYN (Sour Leaves), Morgen Wurde & Tis (Wacht), ELEON (Hidden in Time), Sigel (midnightradio compilation 110), Eisenlager (Can Potatoes Cure Insanity), Simon Klee (The Light Of Elevation), Second Sight (International Index), Stan Dart (Electronic).



Roberto Sass - Daydream (Psyche)
CIALYN - Ocher Garden (Sour Leaves)
Morgen Wurde & Tis - Geweiht (feat. Maria Estrella) (Wacht)
ELEON - Dive (Hidden in Time)
Sigel - Three Worlds (Midnightradio Compilation 110)
Eisenlager - Ampere Sweet Ampere (Can Potatoes Cure Insanity)
Simon Klee - The Sun Always Rises (The Light Of Elevation)
Second Sight - Insomnia (International Index)
Stan Dart - Construction Time (Electronic)


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