Modern fit in sound

Episode 580

Once and again philosophers raise the question, whether everything you experience is simply an illusion made up by your mind. Whatever that mind might be then. Recently I saw a science report on how we perceive our environment. All fact based science, but in the end it leaves one with the question, whether life actually is an illusion. Most of what we experience is what the brain makes out of it. Especially, as it does have no proof whatsoever about all the visual, aural, or nasal stimuli it gets. So it gets trained by what it makes out of it and builds up on what others tell (or what it thinks they tell and what it means). One can get crazy thinking about this all. So, whether the music you hear on this show is actually the same others will hear, you will never know. But you will definitely find out if you like it. And it’s great music (at least to me) coming from Nigel Mullaney (Matters Of The Heart), Divine Matrix (Heart Of The Shaman), elektrojudas (virus), Bilbosa (Ayla), Dynatron (Surveillance), Jong (Meeting Elea), Alan Elettronico (Electric Mind), Oliva (Lilith and the Garden of Eden), Kanz (Remind me Tomorrow), Axess (Time Traveller).



Nigel Mullaney - Lost At Sea (Matters Of The Heart)
Divine Matrix - Mouth Of The Temple (Heart Of The Shaman)
elektrojudas - arrythmia (virus)
Bilbosa - Neon (Ayla)
Dynatron - Surveillance (Surveillance)
Jong - Meeting Elea (Meeting Elea)
Alan Elettronico - Love Like A Chain (Electric Mind)
Oliva - Medicine Woman (Lilith and the Garden of Eden)
Kanz - Mindless (Remind me Tomorrow)
Axess - The Voyage (Time Traveller)


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