The definite time-out

Episode 579

Relax, let’s do it. Even if Frankie won’t go to Hollywood. It’s definitely the time of the year to go for recreation and leave all the stress behind. I bet you’ve earned it, too. So, lean back, drop into your hammock and rest. Now, a couch will do fine as well. Or a bed. Or… Ok, the important thing is to listen to great music that has the chill factor. and there is quite a bunch of those on tonight’s edition. Have some outstanding listening time with Manila Ice (She wants me dead), David Gerard (The Anxious Beating Of My Tensile Heart), Equanimous & Kaya Project (Mystic Dreaming), M’elle Louise (Deliverance), Bop (Matters of the Heart), Jong (Meeting Elea), Jens Radig (Schwebende Musik), elektrojudas (virus), Joao Ceser (Fiumi.brz), 4T Thieves and Pandacetamol (The Electric Home), Banco de Gaia (Apollo).



Manila Ice - Tear my insides out (She wants me dead)
David Gerard - Berlin After Dark: Scene Three. Night Falling (The Anxious Beating Of My Tensile Heart)
Equanimous & Kaya Project - Mystic Dreaming (Mystic Dreaming)
M’elle Louise - Deliverance (Deliverance)
Bop - Are We Dreaming (Matters of the Heart)
Jong - Eivissa (Meeting Elea)
Jens Radig - Dreams Of Tranquility (Schwebende Musik)
elektrojudas - infected (virus)
Joao Ceser - Grigna (Finestra.brz) 
4T Thieves and Pandacetamol - Equinoxious (The Electric Home)
Banco de Gaia - For Such A Time (Apollo)


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