Eardrums treatment

Episode 575

So, I honestly don't know, what to write about tonight. I had a very mixed week, ranging from great talks and plans for more talks. Over re-joining the jury for the Schallwelle awards. Up to some sad news via a friend living abroad. So what is it gonna be? When I planned the show for tonight, I firstly had no idea what kind of music to play with having such a mixed time. I guess, putting the beats in serves both ways. For once, you can get lost in the rhythms for celebration. And second, you can get lost in the rhythms for dampening sad thoughts. Either way, this show may give a little bit of sunshine to anyone in any situation. Get into the beats with dvidevat and Nulla (068/078-1), Osiris4 (Contrast), Information Ghetto (Magnetic Position), Tracya (Mirrorman), Gus Till (Ghosts of the Earth), Marie Wilhelmine Anders (Travels), Steve Moore + Bluetech (Liminal Migration), DeeperNET (One).



dvidevat - Mistif (068/078-1)
Nulla - S.L.C. (068/078-1)
Osiris4 - Deep Down (Contrast)
Information Ghetto - Magnetic Position (Magnetic Position)
Tracya - Destinations (Mirrorman)
Gus Till - Angelfright (System 7 Remix) (Ghosts of the Earth / Remixes)
Marie Wilhelmine Anders - And the Stars are Bright in the West (Travels)
Steve Moore + Bluetech - Memory Beta (Liminal Migration)
DeeperNET - The Eagle Has Landed (One)



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