Sound's up

Episode 569

We are living in speedy times. Everyone is in a rush. Everything has to be done right away. And best to have what I want in a Zero-Day delivery (or am I mixing this up with exploit?). Well, for most music you hear on my show, you actually have zero-day delivery, as they are available as direct download. Many artists stopped producing physical albums, as they become to expensive with print and production and posting. So what is your preferred way for getting hold of music? Do you buy downloads? Do you require a CD or even Vinyl? Or do you not care to own it at all and stream away? Let me know in the comment sections on social or soundcloud or mixcloud. One thing I do know though, you love listening to podcasts. Like the one at your fingertip, which has great and more speedy music for you tonight by Stan Dart (Basilica - The Remix EP), Mabu + Chanty Schandtat (Midnight Radio Compilation 103), Caballero & Chan Solo (Digital Family Vol.9), Devalero (Tog), Blue Alchemy & Koorow (Lost Civilisation), CrennWiick & Latus (Pote 4), AudioNuts (The Machine).



Stan Dart - Apsis (Remix) (Basilica - The Remix EP)
Mabu + Chanty Schandtat - iluglt01 (Midnight Radio Compilation 103)
Caballero - Wake Up This Is Not A Dream (Digital Family Vol.9)
Chan Solo - Way Past Wednesday (Digital Family Vol.9)
Devalero - Hall 9000 (Tog)
Blue Alchemy - Historica (Lost Civilisation)
Koorow - Silence (Lost Civilisation)
CrennWiick - Old Vicious (Flembaz Remix) (Pote 4)
Latus - Stardom and Starvation (Pote 4)
AudioNuts - The Machine (The Machine)


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