Inhale an aural bouquet's flavours

Episode 563

The hot topic of the past week obviously has been some interview by an American host with British folks. I only got this from some late shows, where they picked some funny and scandalous moments of it. Including a count of the "what"s of the host. And, of course, they showed some of the (unbelievable) reactions from other media. It made me wonder, why people are so interested in scandals of other people. On the other hand, this shows how colourful life and people's minds are. Which also shows in musical taste, where you can barely count the number of styles out there, and each of those has a fandom. So, by listening to syndae, you do out yourself for being a fan of ambient and electronic music. Luckily, the music varies in style quite often, so you can get a decent range of aural colours. Like with tonight's edition, which does not stick to one style only with contributions by Blackmore's Night (Nature's Light), maxxess (Reactivate), Survey Channel (Silent Graphs), FM.tronica and Stockmans & Fiesel (Mars Perseverance), niteffect (take your pills), Information Ghetto (Magnetic Position), Mitoma & Weldroid (MXW Magnetic), Ivan Black (Puzzle), Poolz (Cause, if You Could), Stefan Erbe (Serbenity).



Blackmore's Night - Darker Shade of Black (Nature's Light)
maxxess - Rainy Sunday (Reactivate)
Survey Channel - Drydock (Silent Graphs)
Survey Channel - Red Sugars (Silent Graphs)
FM.tronica - Good Luck Perseverance (Mars Perseverance)
Stockmans & Fiesel - Dance of the Red Dust (Mars Perseverance)
niteffect - the fall of icarus (take your pills)
Information Ghetto - Exhalation (Magnetic Position)
Mitoma & Weldroid - Bubbles (MXW Magnetic)
Ivan Black - Piece 3 - Cruelty and Prejudice (Puzzle)
Poolz - Cause, if You Could (Cause, if You Could)
Stefan Erbe - Final Arena (Serbenity)


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