The bright side of sounds

Episode 564

Take it easy, my dear friends in sound. Anything noteworthy this week? Nothing really exciting happening around my place recently. Only the usual crazy stuff on the news all week long. But this is not the place to discuss politics. Not that I am unpolitical, neither am I very political. But this is the place for fun and joy, to relish beautiful scapes and rhythms. Nearly a place for well-being, if you like. And tonight's show celebrates it with wonderful and easy going tracks by Oliva (Wonder World), Lisa Hilton (More Than Another Day), Brian Fechino (Of the Light), Samir Bodhi (Stairway to Nirvana), Jon Durant (Soul of a River), Eric Bikales (Mandala), Eagle (Synth. Music) (The Dark Side of the Sun), Lisa Bella Donna (The World She Wanted).



Jonny Lipford - Sun Salutation (Balance)
Oliva - Wonder World (Wonder World)
Lisa Hilton - I’ve Got You Under My Skin (More Than Another Day)
Brian Fechino - Mind Taxi (Of the Light)
Samir Bodhi - Nirvana (Stairway to Nirvana)
Jon Durant - Flow (Soul of a River)
Eric Bikales - Respect (Mandala)
Eagle (Synth. Music) - Xristos Anesti (Alithos anesti) (The Dark Side of the Sun)
Lisa Bella Donna - The World She Wanted (The World She Wanted)


J. Noack (private collection)

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