Living the flow

Episode 538

This was a strange past week. My thoughts got a bit dizzy at work, maybe doing to many things in parallel. So tonight's edition is full of excellent music that makes my brain focus only on the sound of electronic music at it's best. Meanwhile, on facebook I asked for what people would think of making the show one full hour in length. Quite positive response to date. But, of course, you listeners should have a say. Let me know by commenting on social media or soundcloud or mixcloud or by sending an e-mail. Would you like 60 minutes of syndae? is it too much at once? I'm not sure about the format though, but with the license being cleared it could be done. For now, enjoy the compact half hour treat presenting cool tracks by Sylvain Carel (Sunrise on Panipat), Sensory++ (Exoversum), Klangzaun (./.), Jingoba Electric (So Far), Sverre Knut Johansen (Dreams Beyond).



Sylvain Carel - Daughters of the Mughal King (Sunrise on Panipat)
Sensory++ - We'll Never Be the Same Again (Exoversum)
Klangzaun - Starwalk (./.)
Jingoba Electric - Whirling (So Far)
Sverre Knut Johansen - Dreams Beyond (Dreams Beyond)


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