When one sun goes down another one rises

Episode 537

And suddenly summer is gone. At least at my place, where temperatures dropped from the thirties to under twenty. I'm not that sad about the temperatures, but the world simply is more beautiful with some sun in it. Seeing all that green glowing, within trees and lawn and fields, seeing all the colours reflecting the sun beams as if there is some kind of competition on who is brightest. Simply wearing a shirt outside (and pants, you naughty people), no jacket required. And then there is the daylight starting early and staying long. But fear not, summer will be back one day and those other three terms are not too bad either. But, hey, let's get the beauty and colour back for tonight, with all the wonderful tracks on this show by Fiona Joy Hawkins (Moving Through Worlds), Erik Wøllo & Michael Stearns (Convergence), Holland Phillips (A Momentary Pause), Adrian Earnshaw, Adam Balusik (presah), Sherry Finzer & Chris Jacome (Soul Español).



Fiona Joy Hawkins - All That is Left (Moving Through Worlds)
Erik Wøllo & Michael Stearns - Triptyk (Convergence)
Holland Phillips - Our Sweeter Days (A Momentary Pause)
Holland Phillips - Stepping Stones (A Momentary Pause)
Adrian Earnshaw - Eta Corvi (./.)
Adam Balusik - rozdiel (presah)
Sherry Finzer & Chris Jacome - Mediterranean Meditations (Soul Español)



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