Pure aural invasion

Episode 536

Back in the studio and ready to go all in with fresh and new music. And we get rolling with some really intense stuff for mind and body alike. Luckily when spending some time in a rather relaxing area of Germany, I missed out on a second heat wave at my home. Which left me completely relaxed and empowered for the second half of 2020, one of the most chaotic years of my life so far. How about you? Comment below on social or soundcloud, what do you think of 2020? And of course, to loosen up and free your mind, first listen to the excellent contributions by All the Morphic Oceans (Forms: IDM Volume 1), Robert Elster (Endless Observations), Roberto Sass (Alien Invasion), Miopec (Wet Desert), All Shall be Well (Zwartgroen).



All the Morphic Oceans - This is Our Road (Forms: IDM Volume 1)
Robert Elster - Tryptamine Hills (Endless Observations)
Roberto Sass - Take Me to Your Leader (Alien Invasion)
Miopec - Rocas (Wet Desert)
All Shall be Well - Let Me Steer, As I Am the Bigger Captain (Zwartgroen)



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