Bound to sound

Episode 515

I always thought we live in crazy times, where strange people get to boss countries and where it takes comedians to do proper journalism. But this is all nothing compared to how common people behave recently, hoarding strange combinations of things like toilet tissue and pasta. Wonder what that tastes like with a fine sauce of desinfectant. Seems the world becomes a comedy of panic. Well, the current threat is surely to take serious, but not to overreact. And to help you staying safe and home, I have some really nice treats for you to listen to. Forget about all the sadness for a moment and enjoy listening to Klangzaun, Daniel & Booth (Inverse), Syndromeda (KALT), and Wellenfeld (Electronic Musique Compilation 12).



Klangzaun - Missing Parachute (./.)
Daniel & Booth - Open Channel (excerpt) (Inverse)
Syndromeda - Hreyfing þrjú (KALT)
Wellenfeld - Last Contact (Electronic Musique Compilation 12)


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