Lost in movements

Episode 516

What does home office mean to you? It sounds as if you have more freedom, more spare time, more of everything, doesn't it? Well, at least, on saves some time travelling. But otherwise, working at home is as much a load as working in the office. Even more challening, when you have to talk to others on a regular basis. In contrast to simply pass by a colleagues space, I find it quite stressing to have to video chat all the time. So, at the end of (yet another) week of home office I am at least as exhausted as driving to my office every day. And I am quite sure not to move as much. Thankfully, there is some great music to help you chill out and unwind your body, like the tracks you get tonight by Nicholas Gunn (Pacific Blue), Stan Dart (Retrospective), Video Void (Sewer Skaters), Le Cassette (Sewer Skaters), Backstage Gurus (Mediterranean Odyssey), Psychoz (Digital Family Vol. 8), Ivan Black (Echus Chasma).


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Nicholas Gunn - Coast (Pacific Blue)
Stan Dart - Aurora Borealis (Retrospective)
Video Void - April Fantasy (Sewer Skaters)
Le Cassette - Truth of the Ninja (Sewer Skaters)
Backstage Gurus - Shisha Bar (Mediterranean Odyssey)
Psychoz - Dust (Digital Family Vol. 8)
Ivan Black - Hellas Planitia (Echus Chasma)



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