Episode 503

Published: Friday, 20 December 2019
The many faces of the one

Oh, well, it's that time of the year again, when people get crazy, panically running around and looking for things to put in boxes. For hard core fans of syndae I do have a little surprise this time: The Dawn of Syndae is available as download album since today. It is an album having only one track: the title music of syndae. Well, except for one track, you will get to hear on the show tonight. Ok, that's about it for written self-advertisement. More than that you will find fantastic peaceful music fitting this special season. You could actually play this in family settings, if it weren't for me talking so much. But, hey, one cannot have it all. Howsoever, have a joyful 30 minutes with excellent tracks by Forrest Fang (Ancient Machines), Harald Nies (The Circle), Robert Scott Thompson (Green Flash and the Dryline Chaser), Three Fields (Undefined), moonbooter (Both Sides of the Moon). Oh, and the last one by myself.


Forrest Fang - The Celestial Diver (II. Shooting Star) (Ancient Machines)
Harald Nies - Tangent Lights (The Circle)
Robert Scott Thompson - Evening Star (Daybreak mix) (Green Flash and the Dryline Chaser)
Three Fields - Undefined Part 3 (Undefined)
moonbooter - Music on Hold (Both Sides of the Moon)
Stefan Schulz - Dawn (The Dawn of Syndae)



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