Mery-Go-Round celebration

Episode 504

Welcome to the next decade in the two thousand's. It was a smooth and non-exciting time for me, well, mostly. Tonight marks the lift-off for more editions with fine electronic music on syndae. So, again, welcome! And I am sure there are some really exciting things in the making for 2020, some of which can already be heard on this edition. Now, technically, there is no reason for celebrating a new year. Earth just did another turn around our beloved star named sun. But it is like birthdays, a memorable loop of time for us humans. Let's hope for the best and such is the selection for tonight's edition with tracks by Eleon (Cerulean), MegaHast3r (Memories of an Old Man), Niteffect (Nip In The Bud), Fortadelis (Exposure), Cornel Hecht (Ranger Things), and Jabber (Shepherd Drift).



Eleon - Mariah's Dream (Cerulean)
MegaHast3r - The Rat (Memories of an Old Man)
Niteffect - Things of the Past (Nip In The Bud)
Fortadelis - Some Might Say (Exposure)
Cornel Hecht - Ranger Things 1 (Ranger Things)
Jabber - Transatlantic Part 1 & 2 (Shepherd Drift)


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