Mellifluous painting

Episode 475

It's easter time. And while I am not sure whether any of you celebrate it for religious reasons, to me, like christmas, it's a more quiet time to spend with the ones you love and care for. So, not too hard tunes tonight, not too seren, therefore I picked tracks to serve you a fine mix to chill and have fun. On tonight's playlist you will find Planet of the Arps (Planet of the Arps), Klangzaun, Audiokonstrukte (Heavy Dub Vol. 4), Haelium (Rising Tides 013), Santah (Tunguska Chillout Grooves Vol. 2), Diskret (Diskret).


Planet of the Arps - Conquest of the planet of the Arps (excerpt) (Planet of the Arps)
Klangzaun - Rings of Saturn (./.)
Audiokonstrukte - Some Miles (Heavy Dub Vol. 4 / Compilation)
Haelium - Frozen (Rising Tides 013 / Compilation)
Santah - Summer Sunshine (Tunguska Chillout Grooves Vol. 2 / Compilation)
Diskret - Limba (Diskret)


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