Gaudy quietude

Episode 476

I hope you had a nice time the past weekend and week. Here, school vacation time ends which means that everything will become busier from Monday on: trains, roads, walkways... Before throwing oneself back into the daily busy business tonight's edition will serve as an island of tranquility. It is kind of ambient, but not the most quiet kind. And featuring quite a bunch of melodic elements as well. To me, these 30 minutes serve really impressive and serene music taken from recent and upcoming releases by Tom Eaton (How It Happened), Ian Boddy (Altair), Mathias Grassow & Michael Brückner (Polar Vortex), Jim Ottaway (Beyond the Purple Sun), Janne Hanhisuanto (Serenitas).


Tom Eaton - Mk, and How it Happened (How It Happened)
Ian Boddy - Spire (Altair)
Mathias Grassow & Michael Brückner - The Falling of Leaves (Melodic Version) (Polar Vortex)
Jim Ottaway - Beyond the Purple Sun (Beyond the Purple Sun)
Janne Hanhisuanto - Mercurius (Serenitas)


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