Episode 416

Published: Friday, 05 January 2018
Follow the path to happiness

Are you having any resolutions for 2018? A kind of silly tradition where one resolves to changes and break them rather sooner than late. Always! Okay, maybe not. I don't do resolutions anymore, but maybe they help some of you. So the holidays have passed, a new year is born, except for some Asian countries celebrating on the new moon of the first lunar month. No fix date here. I always wondered what the point of celebration would be, as it really only is about incrementing a counter. Well, maybe it's because the earth's trip is back to the start, having a great journey on the circular road around the sun. However, life is always better with some great music. Hop in to syndae and listen to the fine tracks by Wonderfeel (Lao Dreaming), Cosmic Trigger (The Hallucinatory Mountain), Jazzyspoon (Achluophobia / Compilation), Chuzausen (Attempt to Communication), Meta Meat (Rien Ni Personne Vol. II & III / Compilation), Aevin (Snowflakes VIII / Compilation).


Wonderfeel - Tamadaa (Lao Dreaming)
Cosmic Trigger - Zarathud's Enlightenment (The Hallucinatory Mountain)
Jazzyspoon - I Lost Perspective (Achluophobia / Compilation)
Chuzausen - RooF (Attempt to Communication)
Meta Meat - Behaviour (Rien Ni Personne Vol. II & III / Compilation)
Aevin - Stay Alert (Snowflakes VIII / Compilation)

Image: https://www.pexels.com/de/foto/stadt-strasse-verkehr-nacht-134643/ 

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