Episode 417

Published: Friday, 12 January 2018
Listen to the world

The great thing about the internet is that you can access information world wide from your home or on the road or simply anywhere nowadays (well, mostly anywhere). One of the many reasons I put up a podcast on electronic music, so people around the globe can find and inform about our beloved ambient and electronic music. Why do I consider this important? Because of the biggest problem given by the internet: It's huge! Finding the music you are demanding for might be quite an undertaking. I see podcasts and also radios as a hub for pointing to great music you like. Of course, you can stream away with modern services. Great if they serve your taste in sound, they don't serve mine. One reason for me to listen to several wonderful podcasts on my type of music (well, except for syndae). And to be of service to you, here comes a brand new edition of the show. The new year only is two weeks old and there are quite a bunch of new releases available or planned for the near future. Enjoy some of these gems tonight coming from moonbooter (Cosmosonic), Lone Cosmonaut (Geräuschkörper / Compilation), René van der Wouden (Assurance), Stan Dart (Supernova), Tastenklang (Polyphony), Robert Scott Thompson (Telemetry).


moonbooter - Caught by Melancholy (Cosmosonic)
Lone Cosmonaut - Geräuschkörper (Geräuschkörper / Compilation)
René van der Wouden - Surveillance (Assurance)
Stan Dart - Zero G (Supernova)
Tastenklang - Rush Hour (Polyphony)
Robert Scott Thompson - Oceans (Dark Matter Mix) (Telemetry)

Image: https://www.pexels.com/de/foto/abend-beschilderung-dammerung-draussen-744672/ 

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