Episode 396

Published: Friday, 28 July 2017
Syndae makes you happy

It's definitely time for a chill. No, not because of high temperatures. This Summer is definitely not giving me that, mostly dark outside, mostly raining as if living under a waterfall. Well, no, I simply need to get my brain to rest. It seems so busy with all the thoughts on business and private work. Do you have such moments as well, where your mind does not want to rest whatever you do? Or are you at peace with yourself? Maybe meditation helps. Why, I cannot meditate. Perhaps it's a mind thing? Last week's episode didn't do the trick, so tonight comes the second try. This time with chill out and relaxing downtempo tracks by Cosmic Touch (Reconnection), Gramatik (Epigram Deluxe Edition), Gumi & Kukan Dub Lagan (Future Horizons: The Lanquidity), Irresistible Force (Kira Kira), weldroid (EXPTIME).


Cosmic Touch - The Great Resonator (Reconnection)
Gramatik - Anima Mundi feat. Russ Liquid (Luxas Remix) (Epigram Deluxe Edition)
Gumi & Kukan Dub Lagan - Dreamcatcher (Future Horizons: The Lanquidity)
Irresistible Force - Call it Music (Kira Kira)
weldroid - Call Me When it's Over (EXPTIME)

Image: (own collection)

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