Episode 397

Published: Friday, 04 August 2017
Easy comes the quick one

Recently, they had a show on TV about the human heart. Among the studies they presented was one about the heartbeat influencing decisions and another one about the connection between heart beat and emotions. The latter can be quite sad, when sad emotions make one's heart ill, and happy, when a quicker heart beat makes one fall in love easier (you got it right, a quicker beat is the cause not the consequence). This makes me wonder, as music might also influence one's heart beat, if quicker music will cause you fall in love with the music easier than with slow music. We will do our own test series tonight, with some not so slow tracks and quite some beats. Let's fall in love with Floating Machine (Convergence EP), Samplestick (MH31), Paralitic Twins (Birth of Cosmos), Calling the Ghosts (Pleasure Machine), and Flembaz (Pote 2).


Floating Machine - Latitude (Convergence EP)
Samplestick - Mali Hibiscus (MH31)
Paralitic Twins - Fire Guitars (Birth of Cosmos)
Calling the Ghosts - Pleasure Machine (Pleasure Machine)
Flembaz - Alchemy (Retouched Mix) (Pote 2)

Image: https://pixabay.com/de/l%C3%B6wenzahn-wei%C3%9F-pflanze-sommer-gr%C3%BCn-1641534/

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