Rollicking adventures in sounds

Episode 608

Do you know the saying that a dog and its owner very often do look alike? Well, sometimes the music I choose for a show does actually match the state of my mind. Well, not quite. As the music would be even more chaotic than the one you will get on this edition. It's still turbulent enough to reflect my state of mind. It was quite an eventful week workwise and on the private side as well. And the upcoming week will be not less of a mess. On the other hand, there is beauty in chaos. And the more in the tracks you will get to listen tonight with music by niteffect (Non-existent Substances), ModReaktor (Martin Christie Presents Electronic Music Travels), Holle Mangler (Tales From A Fairyworld (Part 1)), Hollywood Burns (The Age of the Saucers), preston.outatime (Mirror Radius), Synth.NL (Time Travel), Scanglobe (Industrial Sunrise), synaptyx (An Ever Expanding Collection of Eclectic Covers and Free Stuff in General), 4T Thieves (Electronic March of the Llamas), Zergon (Dolos), Stefan Erbe (Raumzeit Festival Digital).



niteffect - Up to the Ridge (Non-existent Substances)
ModReaktor - First You Have To Climb The Mountain (Martin Christie Presents Electronic Music Travels)
Holle Mangler - Caught In A Trap (Tales From A Fairyworld (Part 1))
Hollywood Burns - Silent Fortress (The Age of the Saucers)
preston.outatime - Cut the Knot (Mirror Radius)
Synth.NL - Time Travel (Time Travel)
Scanglobe - Motor (Industrial Sunrise)
synaptyx - Phat River (Synaptyx Fanboy Mix) (An Ever Expanding Collection of Eclectic Covers and Free Stuff in General)
4T Thieves - Electronic March of the Llamas (Electronic March of the Llamas)
Zergon - Dolos (Dolos)
Stefan Erbe - The day we lost ourselves (Raumzeit Festival Digital)


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