Leightweight sounds

Episode 586

So this was a rather busy week. How was yours? What a nice coincidence that I planned for a quieter edition of syndae tonight. Yes, time to relax a bit with beautiful melodic tracks, just what I need after an exciting week. And there are some really cool tunes in for the 60 minutes. Brand new stuff not even released yet as well as excellent music from earlier this century. Last week we had the golden times, which also are refering to musical styles from the past. Maybe it's the theme for this show. Or maybe not. We'll hear next week. But for now, let's relish outstanding tracks by Mark Isham & Michael Whalen (myndstream Collection Volume 1), Will Ackerman & Jeff Oster & Tom Eaton (Brothers), Ciro Hurtado (Luna), ELEON (Crossover), Клет (АЛКОНАВТ (Alconaut)), Ivan Black (The Green Ray), Bekki Williams (Shadow of the Wind), Andreas Baaden (Slow Down), Bernd Kistenmacher (Antimatter).



Mark Isham - Song of the Firefly Harmonium (myndstream Collection Volume 1)
Michael Whalen - Always Returning (myndstream Collection Volume 1)
Will Ackerman, Jeff Oster, Tom Eaton - Three Trees (Brothers)
Ciro Hurtado - Amanecer (Luna)
ELEON - Shimmering Light (Crossover)
Клет - Белая Корея (White Korea) (АЛКОНАВТ (Alconaut))
Клет - тоска (Yearning) (АЛКОНАВТ (Alconaut))
Ivan Black - Geodetic Refraction (The Green Ray)
Bekki Williams - Mistral (Shadow of the Wind)
Andreas Baaden - Devotion (Slow Down)
Bernd Kistenmacher - Acceleration (Antimatter)



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