Smash and like

Episode 560

No time to chill. This was a beating week work wise, and tonight's edition will simply reflect that. I am still energized, so why stop now? There is a weekend up to chill and rest. Sometimes, I simply need some strong soundwaves beating me up and treat my body like a resonator. Ah, well, doesn't make sense, does it? When do you need some louder and harder music? Let me know in the comments. And while thinking about it, why don't you simply join in for a powerful ride with fantastic tracks by Andy Morello & Duscio (Electricults), Information Ghetto (Magnetic Position), Aleckat (Dusty Remixes), Multi Tul (Digital Family Vol.9), Nattefrost (Secrets of the Universe), Basscadet (Saciar), Cairo Braga & Mildmilk (The Library is Open, Vol. 2), Night Parrot (Midnightradio Compilation 101), Mabu and Felix von Montfort (Midnightradio Compilation 102).



Andy Morello & Duscio - Lost Player (Electricults)
Information Ghetto - Magnetic Position (Magnetic Position)
Aleckat - Dusty (Mydä Remix) (Dusty Remixes)
Multi Tul - Hot Signal (Digital Family Vol.9 / Compilation)
Nattefrost - Into the Subconscious (Secrets of the Universe)
Basscadet - Zoomin (Saciar / Compilation)
Cairo Braga & Mildmilk - The Library is Open! (Party Mix 2020) (The Library is Open, Vol. 2)
Night Parrot - More Indica (Midnightradio Compilation 101)
Mabu - Unst01 (Midnightradio Compilation 102)
Felix von Montfort - It's been worse (Midnightradio Compilation 102)


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