Unlucky at dice, lucky in sounds

Episode 554

It is so common to wish anybody luck for a new year. Maybe other things as well, like happiness, but luck is the most common I think. But what is luck? Is there such a thing as luck? Or is it just a sequence of events and circumstances that presents one as a positive outcome? I am sure there are plenty philosophical books on this topic, and maybe some biology books as well explaining what hormones make a human experience to have luck. Is feeling lucky a consequence of having luck? If so, we have a lot of luck because of the many great artists around composing such beautiful electronic music as to be heard on tonight's edition. Have a lucky hour with tracks by Elsehow (Can Somebody Live the Same Day Twice?), Andy Pickford (Alignment), Curious Inversions (Saciar), Primal Scapes & Record of Tides (Revenant Euclids), Eisenlager (all|is|bright_2020), Michael Brückner & Detlev Everling (Reiseziel Mond), René van der Wouden (Astromen).



Elsehow - Underwater Dream (Can Somebody Live the Same Day Twice?)
Andy Pickford - Wide Plains (Alignment)
Curious Inversions - Remote Orders (Saciar / Compilation)
Primal Scapes & Record of Tides - p73_aic_closing (Revenant Euclids)
Eisenlager - Sich Liebhaben Maschine (Love Machine) (all|is|bright_2020 / Compilation)
Michael Brückner & Detlev Everling - Zeit der Sternschnuppen (Reiseziel Mond)
René van der Wouden - Geomagnetic Storms (Astromen)



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