Episode 551

Published: Friday, 11 December 2020
Some place to pause

Sometimes a view is all it needs to make one stop and relish the world around us. Especially, if it is a view of the extraordinarity of nature, may it be a landscape, impressive rocks, or a wild field work well for me. I think it is always worthwhile to sometimes stop and simply take everything in. Well, old and modern architecture works for me, too. Anything, which pleases my eyes and gives me wonders. And the same holds true for sounds. I simply love impressive soundscapes, may it be of quiet and delicate matter or powerful melodic rocks and aural paintings. What about you? What makes you hold your breath and relish your environment? I think, tonight's edition will give you some space to do so. Relaxing but mind tickling chill out and related compositions are ahead of you listeners. Enjoy outstanding music by Der Waldläufer (Iris), Level Pi (Elektronische Philosophie), Majestica (Chillscapes Vol. 1 / Compilation), Ron Boots & Synth.nl (BorkHavn), Time Traveler (Sky Falter), Evan Fraser & Vir McCoy (Guardians), Rombreaker (未発表 2020), Phaeleh (From the Vaults: Vol 2), Brückner & Everling (Reiseziel Mond), Orchid-Star (Faster Reimagined).



Der Waldläufer - Iris (Iris)
Level Pi - Zu Hause (Elektronische Philosophie)
Majestica - Monte Albãn (Chillscapes Vol. 1)
Ron Boots & Synth.nl - Morgenfrisk (BorkHavn)
Time Traveler - Timescapes (Sky Falter)
Evan Fraser & Vir McCoy - Rare Earth feat. Soriah (Guardians)
Rombreaker - Untitled 5 (未発表 2020)
Phaeleh - Sad to Think (From the Vaults: Vol 2)
Brückner & Everling - Sperling (live) (Reiseziel Mond)
Orchid-Star - Brighter (Slow Version) (Faster Reimagined)



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