Get groovy

Episode 35

The photo competition has started, but Mea Culpa is not enough a prize. We have an alternative CD for you, in case you have Ron Boots' one: Kees Aerts recent album If One Door Closes! You can make your choice when submitting your contribution. And, of course, we have a track from Kees' CD for you. Further on the show, moonbooter, who will join Stefan Erbe on Spaceworks 2009 in Hagen on May 30th. More music, by Coax, from his upcoming release, and Psychosonic, from his album not to be missed.

But that's not all you get: On May 6th syndae will make first contact with outerspace. Prepare for the most alien podcast special you'd ever heard. We'll contact MaEasy in his space ship to learn about him and his music. And, naturally, you'll get a first impression of his species' sound in tonights show!


  • Kees Aerts - The Sun Shines, The World Smiles (If One Door Closes)
  • MaEasy - You Got a Socket (Topp Cosmos)
  • Coax - Glenk Jakomo (The Third Mobius)
  • moonbooter - In the Dawn of Evolution (Cosmoclimax)
  • Psychosonic - Einsamer Krieger (Jupiter Tales)
  • Kees Aerts & Ron Boots - The Sensation of the Vortex (The Truth is Twisted)


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