Colourful ear treatment

Episode 534

Do you know the term filter bubble? It's quite a phenomenon of modern times. Not only do you build your social environment with people you have lots in common. But modern technology, like search engines and social media, analyse you and your preferences. This way, mostly things are brought to your attention, which you like and which correspond to your views. It's nearly impossible to escape your own bubble nowadays, especially with artificial intelligence being everywhere for your benefit. Quite astounding. So, if you want to know of things outside your filter bubble, to get to know different views, always be open to others and other opinions. Oh, do not mistake this as a call to "wake up". Not every statement counts as an opinion. As well as science not being a question of believe. But I am trailing off. Tonight's edition is one of those to break your bubble. Namely the one of your listening habits. Join me for half an hour of really interesting and cool tracks by Pandacetamol (A Different Place), Tomoroh Hidari (小さな夢達), Jack Hertz (Artificial), radium88 (Until the last leaf falls), AnalogX, and Record of Tides (Black Album).



Pandacetamol - Vanguard (A Different Place)
Tomoroh Hidari - Owl-Stretching Time (小さな夢達)
Jack Hertz - Eugenics (Artificial)
radium88 - Losing Sight of Land (Until the last leaf falls)
AnalogX - Inside Me (mix) (./.)
Record of Tides - Exxa (Black Album)


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