Episode 518

Published: Friday, 17 April 2020
Plug and bob

I recently watched a video tutorial about mixing music. Well, there are gazillion of such videos out there, and I merely watch some for fun. The one I picked this time was making its point on not overdoing it, not throwing in all the EQ, Filter, Limiter etc. one owns, but to carefully find the right balance between all instruments involved. And he recommended one easy test: head bobbing. So when you are listening to your song and your head keeps bobbing to its flow, you got the mix right. Now, it's a bit oversimplifying, but I can live with the "if it feels right, it is right". At least for you it is. And following this advice, I chose to have several tracks tonight to test the head bobbing thesis. So best to pick up your favourite headphones, and start bobbing with Stefan Erbe (Nachtlichter), Youth & Gaudi (Astronaut Alchemists Remixes), Sonic Jay (Digital Family Vol. 8), Javiis (Reality), Nikavo (Yummy Miami), K.I. Companion (Music for Cars).


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Stefan Erbe - Du und Ich (Nachtlichter)
Youth & Gaudi - Stars (Gabriel Le Mar Remix) (Astronaut Alchemists Remixes)
Sonic Jay - Alula (Digital Family Vol. 8)
Javiis - Reality (Monococ Remix) (Reality)
Nikavo - No TV (Yummy Miami)
K.I. Companion - Das Rennen (Music for Cars)


Today (April 17th) at 21h CEST - Streamconcert: Spaceworks at home with Stefan Erbe (Youtube)



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