The green side of synth

Episode 483

So tomorrow it's the Gardenparty again and I am looking forward to meet all the nice fans and friends of electronic music and the like. This event is quite different from music festivals, as it is...well...a party. You have drinks, you have food, you have talks, and lots of fun with great music on stage. It's like a family come together, although with quite a big family. And there is another cool event coming up in two weeks: the premiere of the new Baltes & Erbe album A-11, of which you will get to hear one song tonight. And, of course, more fantastic music by Peter Mergener (Pink Flow), Multiple Sense (Lunary), Time Away and K37 (Legacy of Thought: History of the Earth).


Baltes & Erbe - At the Last Stage (A-11)
Peter Mergener - Touch the Guitar (Pink Flow)
Multiple Sense - Distant (Lunary)
Time Away - Proto-Earth (Legacy of Thought: History of the Earth)
K37 - Kaigas & Sturtian Glaciation (Legacy of Thought: History of the Earth)


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