Episode 464

Published: Friday, 25 January 2019
It's snowing sequences

Snow! Well, kind of. Actually, not really, maybe less then 1 cm of white powder that covered the area this week. But, of course, people were eager to shovel it away. Ugh, how could this happen? Snow. In winter! Lucky me for having a garage. No need to scratch the windows. It's still cold and the air-conditioner needs its time. And a weather to drive carefully. Not because of the itsy bitsy layer of snow, but because of the overy careful drivers on the road. Good to have some nice music in the player, like tracks by Alphaform (Escapism), Menzman & Friends (Insights), Arpegiator (The Polar Response), and MTA Lab (Autumn).


Alphaform - Pulse (Escapism)
Menzman & Friends - Endless Time (Insights)
Arpegiator - Tunnelvision (The Polar Response)
MTA Lab - Stair Tower (Autumn)



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