Episode 449

Published: Friday, 14 September 2018
Teeny weeny lucky stars

It was a great evening in Hagen last week, where I had the opportunity to present my syndae anniversary album The Sound of Syndae. I admit, it was a small event, but it was a very fine event. And, of course, Stefan Erbe gave an extraordinary concert in that cosy room, with an enthusiastic audience. I know, I know, it was mainly about the concert and just a tiny bit about my CD. A microscopically small step for mankind, but a giant leap for me. He he. Well, next event in line is the Electronic Circus, which I mentioned last week already. But I have more musical treats of that event for you tonight by Thorsten Quaeschning (Cargo) and Harald Grosskopf (Synthesist Reloaded). Moreover, there is new and noteworthy music on this show by Dr. Lum (Ethnostep 8), Uwe Reckzeh (Surreal Dreams), Biodiode (Mars Chronicles), Klangzaun.


Thorsten Quaeschning - Spotlight Effect (Cargo)
Harald Grosskopf - 1847 Earth (Niko Schwind Remix) (Synthesist Reloaded)
Dr. Lum - Pu Tai (Spcz Rmx) (Ethnostep 8)
Uwe Reckzeh - Part 1 (Science) (Surreal Dreams)
Biodiode - Globetrotter (Mars Chronicles)
Klangzaun - Cavehunter (./.)


Electronic Circus 2018

Image: (Judith Noack, private collection)

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