Spiced up sounds

Episode 440

What kind of driver are you? Is this reflected in the music you listen to while driving? When driving to and from work, I do not care a lot. Maybe this is related to working on this podcast, as I tend to listen to many different styles and sounds these times. When I plan for a longer tour, though, I usually choose some more chilling albums. I am not sure, if aggressive music makes (or suites?) an aggressive driver. There is much going on in traffic, busy and annoying enough, so I prefer the music to relax and cool me down. Not too relaxing of course, don't want to fall asleep at the wheel. So, tonight's edition has the appropriate selection for my ride, as tomorrow I am on the road to Ahlen for the Scheunenparty. And here I found some great fitting tracks by Siddh and Ox7gen feat. Nathan Thomas (Soul Curry), Redox (Binary Forecast), Kaya Project and Noodreem (Zero Gravity), Pulselovers (The Shildam Hall Tap).

Oh, and a short note about the syndae CD: It's getting closer. Some votes are not in, yet, but will be soon. Stay tuned.


Siddh - Time Takes The Time, Time Takes (Soul Curry)
Binary Forecast feat. Nathan Thomas - Ebb & Flow (Soul Curry)
Redox - Xenith (Binary Forecast)
Kaya Project - Forgiven (Hibernation's Chilled Remix) (Zero Gravity)
Noodreem - Firebird (Rising From the Ashes of Time Dub) (Zero Gravity)
Pulselovers - The Green Leaves of Shildam Hall (The Shildam Hall Tap)

Image: https://www.pexels.com/de/foto/gewurze-krauter-loffel-tisch-130980/

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