Episode 437

Published: Friday, 15 June 2018
Soccer and rocker free space

While there is a ball sports hype everywhere on TV these days, this show is guaranteed to be free of it. Nevertheless, it provides a thrilling 30 minutes play. Brand new releases are up for this edition, sounds not to be missed. Where I had some sounds I could not miss lately, as well, coming from a parade of Harley Davidsons having a festival near where I stayed recently. An almost neverending crackling of these heavy machines passing by the only main road of the village. Amazing what sounds seem to please bikers and audience as well. And I definitely prefer the sounds provided by Escape Into (The Mirror), Klangwelt (The Incident), Uwe Reckzeh (Surreal Dreams), VoLt (E-Scape 2018), F.D.Project (E-Scape 2018).


Escape Into - Purpose (The Mirror)
Klangwelt - Aftermath (The Incident)
Uwe Reckzeh - Hydrothermal Springs (Excerpt) (Surreal Dreams)
VoLt - Circadian Cycle (E-Scape 2018)
F.D.Project - Deep Dream (E-Scape 2018)

Image: https://www.pexels.com/de/foto/abbildung-abstrakt-ausflug-boot-929032/

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