Episode 421

Published: Friday, 09 February 2018
Thought's good company

30 minutes. Only thirty of these short fragments in time. That's all I have for my show. Not really the perfect setting for ambient music, is it? Similar to Berlin School, ambient tracks usually tend to be long and evolving. And that is also the point why I like this kind of music. It's not repeating in itself, like popular music does. There is development in the acoustic scenery presented by the artist. And the best thing about the music is, you can here it in two different ways. Either as music in the background, which does not sink in, does not disturb your activity. Or you could listen carefully and let the music drive your thoughts. Crazy stuff. So, either way, on syndae I can only give you glimpses of these fine tracks. I hope nevertheless you find the time to listen to the music the way you want. On this edition you will find music by NoizeFilter Music (Ambient Road), Numina (The Chrome Plateau), Infinite Third (Listen(ing)), centrozoon (217 IV), Adeptus Mechanicus & Lutz Thuns (For a Lifetime).


NoizeFilter Music - Waters Edge (Ambient Road)
Numina - The Chrome Plateau (The Chrome Plateau)
Infinite Third - Listen(ing) (Listen(ing))
centrozoon - Star's End 2016 (217 IV)
Adeptus Mechanicus & Lutz Thuns - For a Lifetime (For a Lifetime)

Image: https://www.freeimages.com/photo/coloured-lights-in-tube-1549328 

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