Fetch me now

Episode 413

It's crazy how many people are on the road these days. And I wonder whether they all are driving home for christmas. On the contrary, perhaps, they are on their way to the shopping malls and city centers to hunt for presents. Which seems a common fun scene in American films, where a raging crowd storms a shop to fight for the last action figure or rag doll. Maybe our fellow listeners from the US can tell, if this is true or just made up. On syndae, there is no limit on downloads for each show, so no need to run over each other. And it is very easy to get hold of your personal copy of the podcast, to listen to wherever and whenever you want. Nevertheless, the music to be heard is at least as valuable as a rag doll, so simply join me and listen to tracks by Cosmic Trigger (The Hallucinatory Mountain), Yomgaille (Repetition and Motion), Infinite Third (Channel(s)), Rudolf Heimann (Tiefenrausch), LooneyJetman (The Lonely Sky), MTA Lab (In Luv).


Cosmic Trigger - Groove Froove (The Hallucinatory Mountain)
Yomgaille - F (Repetition and Motion)
Infinite Third - Dream(s) (Channel(s))
Rudolf Heimann - Schlägel und Eisen (Tiefenrausch)
LooneyJetman - Interstellar (The Lonely Sky)
MTA Lab - SynthFctry (In Luv)

Image: https://www.pexels.com/de/foto/niedlich-bunt-bunt-geschaft-65451/ 

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