Episode 407

Published: Friday, 03 November 2017
Sound meets sky

Sometimes it is time to move on. For several years now I hosted my websites on a dedicated server, always needing a knowing and helping hand of some friends to keep it up and running. (Thanks, btw., I owe you plenty.) But as time moves on so does technology. Everything is in the cloud nowadays, and so is the new home of syndae. Some nice UI for managing and updating all the applications, less low level operations. And while I am entering technical heaven, you can still enjoy the music of this episode, which may also take you to the musical heaven of electronic sounds. Have a delightful listening to tracks by Bridge to Imla, Remy (The Return of Planet X), Wolfgang Nachahmer (Hexenkessel), Jeffrey Koepper (Transmitter), Johan Tronestam (Luther), and Cosmic Hoffmann (Best Of).


Bridge to Imla - Session 2012 (Part 5) (./.)
Remy - Movement V (Perigee) (The Return of Planet X)
Wolfgang Nachahmer - Der Garten der Träume (Hexenkessel)
Jeffrey Koepper - Quasar (Transmitter)
Johan Tronestam - Legacy (Luther)
Cosmic Hoffmann - Howling Wolves (Best Of)

Image: http://mrg.bz/2b23db 

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